I need your help

I need your help

Supplements to Lose Belly Fat


Some believe that supplements to lose belly fat will work faster than exercise and nutrition. The problem of excess fat around the belly can be overwhelming and there is the tendency to want to get it off as quickly as possible. The truth is that supplements may help but they will not work alone to give you the leanness you desire. Let us look at some fat burning supplements that in combination with lowering calorie diet and exercise will help you remove excess fat around the belly.

How do supplements work to trim belly fat?

A weight loss supplement is any aid in the form of a pill, tablet or capsule in a chemical or herbal formulation that is used to
  • Help you burn more calories faster thus increasing metabolism or increasing thermogenesis
  • Diminish appetite by reducing your calorie intake
  • Prevent storage of new body fat.
Supplements Used to Lose Belly Fat:

Always inform your health care personnel when you are adding any supplements to your diet.
  • Green Tea's EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) at a concentration of 300 mg taken 1- 3 times daily may increase metabolic rate.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant and works best with green tea rather than alone to produce a fat burning effect. It is not a good choice if you have potential heart problems.
  • Forskolin is a natural ingredient known as a cure for many diseases. It has the ability to increase fat metabolism to lower the percentage of body fat in weight training. It builds lean muscle and decreases the feeling of hunger. Recommended dosage is 125 mg once per day for weight loss.
  • CLA is conjugated linoleic acid, a fat found in sunflower and safflower oils and in organic dairy products. It increases the usage of fatty acids in the body and inhibits fat storage. Recommended dosage 3-6 grams/day to be taken with meals.
  • 7-Keto is a metabolite of DHEA. 7-Keto promotes fat-burning thyroid hormones which controls the amount of fat your body burns. Recommended dosage 100-200 mg per day in 3 divided doses.
  • Beta-Phenyethylamine is a natural chemical amino acid phenylalanine found in chocolate which aides in burning belly fat.
Over-the Counter Weight Loss Supplements - How Safe are they

Proceed with caution since these products are not FDA regulated. There is therefore no guarantee of the ingredients, strength and purity. You can never be sure what you are getting. Check with your physician with their interaction with other medication you may be taking. Keep in mind that some products such as caffeine which are stimulants to suppress your appetite may also stimulate your cardiovascular system.

Supplements to Lose Belly Fat for the Long Term is Impractical

Keep in mind that these supplements will not work without some adjustments in your diet and the addition of exercise as we said before. The challenge with many who lose weight is keeping it off as some over months will begin to regain 30% - 50% and more of the weight they lost. But it is impractical to live on supplements as a means of controlling your excess fat.

Here is a Better Option to Get and Stay Lean

You have a better alternative. Why not make a decision to change your nutritional and exercise lifestyle? You can lose belly fat quite easily and naturally with a no-nonsense nutritional and exercise program that is proven to work.

Let me introduce you not to supplements to lose belly fat but a belly and body fat reduction program that has worked for tens of thousands all around the world. Under the safe guidance of a professional trainer you can lose all your excess fat, get lean and beautiful. For more info and a no-risk trial go to www.burn-the-fat-get-lean.info

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  5. Supplements are made from natural resources and they are safe to use. But they don't replace your daily food routine.

  6. Thanks for sharing these tips and ways to burn belly fat. They seem effective and very useful.

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  7. Ways to burn Belly fat i could say one thing is having a Tummy tuck surgery